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User Experience Gets Deprioritized In Medical Device Development

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Cortex Content January 09, 2023 • 0 min read

When developing new products, most founders focus on the impact of the technology. They recognize it needs to be “usable” for users and that gets stated as a priority. Through the development and commercialization process, the user experience is often de-prioritized due to other priorities such as human resources, budget, or time constraints and/or a focus on improving the technology.

Focus on User Experience

We decided to ask our Creative Director, Kevin Armour (he/him) and Strategy Manager, Kirsten (Kirty) Scholte how they ensure a focus on the user remains a top priority and how our process allows the user to remain at the center of the experience despite the competing priorities.

“During our initial conversations with teams, we slow the conversation down and discuss the product from a white-box perspective. Most users don’t have the technical understanding or care to know how the technology works, they’re focused on the results and how simple it is to produce those results. Building an emotional connection with a device is a key element of product functionality, it increases adoption, retention and conversations.” says Kevin Armour, Creative Director.

Most Cortex team members have backgrounds in developing products in crowded markets where brand perception is a leading purchase factor. Even when supporting the development of first-of-its-kind technology, our team focuses on building our client’s brand from internal technology through to product communication.

“From strategy to delivery, our work at Cortex really boils down to connecting with and understanding a diverse network of humans and their experiences in the world. I focus on getting to know the humans behind the innovation well before we start to build out an engagement, and for our technical leaders, it’s about understanding human experience, behaviour, and pain point they are solving. A deeper understanding to ensure we’re capturing the nuances of experience.”  says Kirty Scholte, Strategy Manager.

A focus on medical device user experience…

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