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C-Fast Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Wins Autodesk Excellence Award

Sam White
Sam White October 06, 2021 • 0 min read

Cortex Design receives the Autodesk Excellence Award for our rapid COVID-19 diagnostic, developed for Raytheon in collaboration with a team of world-class companies.

COVID-19 testing is a critical tool for the global community to fight the spread of the virus. Testing has also faced a host of persistent challenges: lab-based PCR tests are accurate, but require a clinician as well as time in the lab to process the results. Home-based POC antigen tests are accessible and fast, but they aren’t accurate.

Cortex Design joined an interdisciplinary group of companies and research organizations on a global sprint to develop a solution: C-Fast, a low-cost COVID-19 diagnostic that provides an accurate test result within 35 minutes, without the need for a clinician or an invasive nasopharyngeal swab. 

C-Fast aims to make accurate testing more accessible to people everywhere. Meeting that goal requires a world-class user experience. Cortex brought our focus on human-centric design, as well as microfluidics expertise, to the table to turn the team’s powerhouse science into an exceptional consumer product. 

Now, Autodesk has recognized C-Fast with an Excellence Award for “Designing Through Crisis.” 

Statement from Cortex President Dylan Horvath:

Designing in a time of crisis presents many obstacles, but the inherent urgency makes collaborations even more powerful. This was an amazing opportunity for us to collaborate broadly across teams, and I’d like to thank Autodesk, Formlabs, Raytheon, Purdue University, Portascience, and our amazing staff for their contributions. 

“This project shows what can be accomplished in the field of product design at rapid speed, when a common mission is shared to tackle an incredible challenge facing the global community. A big thanks to the team for how they rose to the challenge. I am delighted that Autodesk has chosen to honour their efforts.”

Autodesk Inc., a leading provider of design and manufacturing software, founded the Autodesk Excellence Awards to honour contributions in product design and manufacturing, media and  entertainment, as well as architecture, engineering and construction. 

Cortex would like to congratulate the other winners of this year’s awards. We’re proud to be named alongside these companies deploying design thinking to address some of the world’s biggest challenges. 

To read the full awards citation, as well as learn more about the other winners, head Autodesk’s site for this year’s Excellence Awards — and check out our C-Fast case study to learn more about the project. 

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