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Cortex Sponsors ACIDO Rocket Competition

Sam White
Sam White May 25, 2020 • 0 min read

The Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO) has just announced their annual Rocket Competition winners — including Cortex’s sponsored award!

For the past 19 years, the ACIDO Rocket Competition has recognized the best work from Ontario’s graduating class of industrial designers. In addition to helping judge the competition, Cortex provides a special award to recognize excellence in User Experience design.

We are proud to offer congratulations to the winner of the Cortex Design User Experience Award: OCAD University’s SingYu Lam for his project, Frame: Encouraging Death Reflection Through a Digital and Physical Experience.

Singyu’s project examines how design can allow opportunities to develop a more positive understanding of death – a universal aspect of human experience that often goes unexamined. We chose SingYu’s project for the User Experience Award this year for his dedication to tackling a universal human experience that we all face – our own mortality.

SingYu Lam’s “Frame” project brief:

SingYu Lam of OCAD University, Winner of ACIDO Rocket’s User Experience Award.

When was the last time you thought about death? In recent years, a growing body of both anecdotal and scholarly research has brought attention to the positive effects death cognition can bring to your personal and professional life. Death has the potential to be a clarifying force in our lives like nothing else. Frame is a physical and digital experience that provides a secular framework through which users can reflect on death in a positive and constructive way. It achieves this through encouraging regular meditation on aspects of death reflection, encouraging actionable change tailored to the user, and a tangible object that helps the user focus their attention. Let’s be part of the generation that changes how society thinks about death and dying.

Featuring work from exceptional students at Carleton University, OCAD University, Sheridan College and Humber College, the Rocket Awards celebrate the students’ most impactful thesis projects across a range of categories including Design Thinking, Prototyping, Storytelling, Innovation and others.

We’re proud to be a part of ACIDO, and thrilled for the opportunity to shine some light on an emerging generation of industrial designers.

Congratulations to SingYu and all the winners!

Head over to ACIDO Rocket 2020’s website to see more details about SingYu Lam’s project, as well as the other award winners.

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