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Cortex Client Voltera is Officially One of the Fastest Growing Startups in Canada

Sam White
Sam White September 28, 2018 • 0 min read

Shout it from the rooftops: Cortex Client Voltera has just ranked #24th overall on Canadian Business’s Startup 50 list for 2018. Voltera makes the V-1 PCB Printer, which is a transformational rapid prototyping platform that allows product developers to quickly produce printed-circuit-board (PCB) prototypes in-house.

Voltera first approached Cortex in 2014 with a mission that hit close to home: to help product developers build their products faster than ever before. They had a working prototype, and a young, very driven multi-disciplinary team of engineers with a collaborative style.

The product was clearly going places: it offered a compelling promise to customers. The technology was proven. We stepped in to provide the industrial design that would turn the V-1 from a handmade prototype into a real consumer product. Once Voltera’s team was accepted into the HAX Accelerator in China, we worked on a 24-hour cycle to provide consultations and exchange files, and never looked back.

A key challenge we faced during the design was how to reduce complexity of the device’s dispenser to allow it to quickly change between trace dispensing and solder dispensing. We provided the concept for an interchangeable turret design that migrated to the device’s current magnetic clutch design.

It was a satisfying collaboration, and we’re thrilled to see Voltera scale this truly innovative product into a thriving business. We’re also the proud owners of the very first V-1, serial no: 000000001.

Voltera adds this accolade to a list of awards they’ve already earned: in 2015, the V-1 won the Global James Dyson award and was listed as one of Popular Science’s Inventions of the Year.

Published in a special issue of Maclean’s Magazine every year, Canadian Business’s Startup 50 list ranks companies based on two-year revenue growth. Separate from its Growth 500 list — where Cortex client Pliteq placed high this year in the manufacturing category — the Startup 50 list ranks the biggest entrepreneurial success stories for companies founded in the last few years.

Voltera has doubled its staff over the course of 2018 and they’re poised to accelerate even more, with a focus on sustainable growth. High fives to the team at Voltera. We can’t wait for all the great stuff to come.

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