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VITALITI is a “doctor in a box” – a wearable medical device paired with a diagnostic basestation that can diagnose 19 chronic medical conditions, monitor all 5 human vital signs, and stream that data to a cloud server – all without a clinician. And it had to weigh less than 5 lbs too. It is poised to disrupt overstressed healthcare systems and super-empower users by assessing physical wellness outside of clinical settings.

  • Product Awards

    • Bold Epic Innovator XPRIZE Winner in the $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE
    • Winner of a 2021 Edison Award within the Science, Medical, and Dental IoT Category

Our team won the Bold Epic Innovator XPrize, one of only 3 winners out of 330 international entrants.

The XPrize nomination committee shortlisted CloudDX as one of 35 finalists for their Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize — a $10 million global competition to spur on development of a “doctor in a box” – a system that could diagnose 15 chronic health conditions and monitor all 5 human vital signs continuously, all without a doctor.

CEO Robert Kaul and CMO Dr. Sonny Kohli commanded a talented team of engineers and data scientists as well as a product line of medical hardware. But they faced a daunting challenge to win: 50% of the competition scoring was based on user experience for a system that did not yet exist.

The Tricorder project was CloudDX’s baby. They had to focus on fundraising, but needed a team who would:

  • Project manage and multiply their existing resources
  • Sprint the project to completion over the next 10 months
  • Not drop the baby.

Enter Cortex.

The Insight.

This project could only get done on time with tight design oversight, integrated services, and management of external vendors. We brought it in-house, and only subcontracted what we needed to. This led to a few key product insights:

  • How to bridge several data collection points on a patient’s collarbone and ear in a single wearable.
  • The wearable had to collect all five human vital signs continuously for three days. We realized our wearable had to be easy to charge without the user having to take it off.
  • Our system needed a diagnostic reader with controlled lighting to image cartridges. It also had to be small enough to fit within a five pound weight limit. A rotating loading mechanism kept the weight down and gave it Start Trek cred.
  • Everything had to feel like an award winner.  This ethos guided every decision as we designed the user experience

Bold Epic Innovator Award

Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize

How Cortex Accelerated the Design: 

Scope of work:

  • In-house firmware electronics and biometric software algorithm integrated very tightly with industrial design and mechanical engineering.
  • Project management: built a team to do an intense sprint over 10 months.
  • Delivered 40 working prototypes of medical grade diagnostic equipment that had never been done before.

Awards & Accolades:

  • Winner: Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize Bold Epic Innovator Award
  • Named 2015 Ontario Startup of the Year for Innovation
  • WT Innovation World Cup
  • 2015 Interface Health Challenge
  • 2021 Silver Edison Award within the Science, Medical and Dental category
  • Cloud DX is now public on the TSX Venture Exchange

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