The COVID-19 pandemic has raised a host of challenges as the world works to adapt to the new normal. As engineers and designers, it’s our job to identify those needs and provide solutions. Early on in this period, we recognized a particular gap: schools, workplaces, long-term care facilities, and other public spaces need a way to quickly and effectively disinfect visitors’ personal belongings without disrupting the flow of traffic. 

Existing sterilization methods are slow. They’re often single-purpose, and they aren’t suited to processing a large quantity of items in high-traffic spaces. No one is willing to wait around while staff swab knapsacks and individual articles of clothing. That’s not a solution. 

UVC Buddy is a general-purpose rapid sterilization system for use in high-traffic indoor environments. Users place their personal belongings on a safe conveyor belt, which passes these items through a protected tunnel equipped with powerful ultraviolet lamps that kill 99% of viruses and other microbes in ten seconds.

Designed to keep the world moving, UVC Buddy is flexible, it’s intuitive, and it’s powerful. 

It’s also our latest passion project, the newest in-house design from Cortex. 

  • Flexibility is everything. Our design considers a wide variety of use cases in institutional settings. It’s big enough to accommodate most common objects, but small enough to avoid taking up excess real estate. Optional wheels and casters or fixed legs allow facilities to deploy the device how and where it’s needed most. 

  • Heavy use demands frictionless design. A recognizable form factor and zero-load usability are paramount for high-volume environments. UVC Buddy is designed from the ground up to be simple to use and maintain, with easy and safe bulb replacement. 

  • Trust the science. UVC Buddy comes installed with 12 Philips UV PL-L lamps, which have been used for decades in commercial water and air disinfection systems, and are rated to last for 9000 hours of continuous use (approximately 3 years). 

Key tasks:

  • Ethnography and user experience research
  • Concept and brand development
  • CAD modeling
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design for Production 

Awards & Accolades:

UVC Buddy won three International Design Awards: A gold in Industrial and Life Science Design / Medical / Scientific Machinery, a silver award in Industrial and Life Science Design / Safety Designs, and a silver award in Illumination / Special Purpose Lighting.

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