Triomi CEO Mike Battaglia and Chief Medical Officer Sonny Kohli were responding to the humanitarian crisis that resulted from a devastating earthquake in Haiti. Sonny was treating a patient and needed an Electrocardiograph (ECG) machine for diagnosis. The only ECG on hand was 30 years old: they had to MacGyver it with duct tape and piano wire to get it to work. When they did, they were able to diagnose the patient’s heart condition and avoid airlifting her to Miami, but it led to a question:

Why does it have to be so complicated? Why aren’t there 12-lead ECGs in every stadium, arena, public building, and GP doctor’s office when the underlying technology is actually quite simple?

They founded Triomi to design and market a less costly and less complex 12-lead ECG for a global market.

Mike, an engineer with strong skills in software design and biomedical algorithms development, came to Cortex with a functioning hardware and software platform. However, it lacked an enclosure, and that was gating Sonny and Mike’s ability to bring it to market. That was our challenge; make a beautiful enclosure that would help differentiate their product.

The Insight.

  • This project wasn’t just a pretty box to house the circuit board. It was an opportunity to re-envision the product and solve useability problems that existing ECGs don’t consider.
  • The device needed to be quick and easy to understand and deploy by non-professionals.
  • Existing devices do not address cable management. This leads to disorganization, tangled cables, and slower deployment time — a sub-par user experience with lives on the line.
  • Defibrillators are pretty ubiquitous. Why aren’t ECGs? A flexible design allows users to hang the device on a hook, install it as an enclosure on a plane, or install and deploy in a myriad of other settings.

What We Delivered.

  • Took an enclosure design assignment and completely reimagined the product to solve problems that existing devices didn’t solve.
  • Delivered an integrated cable management system for more organized leads and a quicker deployment time.
  • Embedded with Triomi’s engineering team to integrate our design with existing hardware.
  • Produced an iconic design that drew interest from accelerators.

The Result.

    • Triomi was accepted into TechStars – a prestigious accelerator in San Francisco – beating out hundreds of other applications.
    • Chief Medical Officer Sonny Kohli gained an appreciation for the power of design thinking and user experience in medical devices. This led him to involve Cortex in his next project: CloudDX’s Tricorder – which won the Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize: Bold Epic Innovator Award.


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