We are designers, engineers, machinists, developers, researchers, daydreamers, writers, parents, motorcycle mechanics, sailors, cooks, travellers, builders...

...so far.


Join us!

We founded Cortex Design with a simple motto: People Deserve Better Experiences. This ethos manifests in the work we do for our clients and their users. It also guides our approach to creating a working culture.

Creative collaboration shouldn’t be governed by ego, or whoever has the loudest voice in the room. We believe curiosity, empathy, discovery, and a sense of play are the way to solve real problems and build things worth building. 

At Cortex, we work with global clients to create medical and consumer products that simplify and enrich people’s lives. These projects are complex. They haven’t been done before. The team is growing as we advance in our mission.

Our work requires high performers who can deliver exceptional creative and technical work in collaboration with others. More than that, it requires people who come from a wide variety of lived experiences. People who are deeply invested in building things, and building relationships. People who believe in the value of all cultures, who have a keen passion for solving problems, and are comfortable making mistakes. 

If you’re one of those people, reach out to us.

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