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Design Guide: Cortex Manufacturing Services

A new eBook from Cortex, distilling 20 years of manufacturing experience into actionable advice for entrepreneurs and product champions. 

The hardware world is too used to seeing manufacturing as the last step of the product development process. Manufacturing comes at the end, so it should be the last thing you plan, right?

You identify a need in the marketplace, design the product, and then take it to production.

Figure out the design now, find a manufacturer later.

This approach doesn’t work.

Design has a long tail: decisions made at the design stage reverberate through to manufacturing. Failure to account for manufacturing strategy in the design process can be the difference between whether a product succeeds or fails.

For 20 years, Cortex Design has been an award-winning manufacturing liaison to hardware companies in medical devices and consumer goods. With our boots-on-the-ground approach, we’ve developed the relationships and expertise that have made us a partner of choice for numerous successful product launches.

In the process, we’ve learned a thing or two. Whatever challenges you’re facing, we’ve been there. Wherever you’re at in your product design journey, you need to think about manufacturing. And here’s what you need to consider.

Our new eBook dives deep into manufacturing to reveal the advice we give our clients. It’s full of actionable insights for how to:

  • incorporate manufacturing strategy early in your product development process and avoid product failure
  • develop relationships with manufacturers to get them interested in manufacturing your product, rather than the other way around
  • stand your ground for quality, and safeguard what makes your product special in the first place
  • navigate the regulatory process, including ISO-13485 and FDA approval
  • and much more.

Cortex Manufacturing Services is the culmination of lots of hard work and lots of love from the Cortex team. It’s also full of hard-won lessons for anyone looking to launch exceptional products.

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