We’re looking for a Mechanical Engineer! Does this sound like you?

You grew up playing with Tinkertoys and Lego, modifying the parts to suit your needs. Your inquisitive nature and innate desire to understand how things work have enabled you to pursue a rewarding career in mechanical design and product development. But in addition to your strong mechanical aptitude, you also possess a keen eye for aesthetics and strive to create mechanical solutions that preserve and support the aesthetics of the original concept design.

You have on-the-job experience designing physical products such as consumer electronics, wearables, and medical devices for mass-production, with an emphasis on electronics integration and electromechanical design. You know manufacturing processes inside out, and your Solidworks models are superb and well defined (you despise feature errors with a passion). You value an open and collaborative team environment. You see the end users of the product as more than just a checklist of engineering features to work out- there’s a genuine desire and pride in creating a product that resonates with the customer.

Apply to become a part of the the Cortex Team, and join us in pushing the limits of what products can do for the people who use them.

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