We’re looking for a new Lead for our Embedded Systems Team! Does this sound like you?

You may be the kind of person who knows how to tear-down and build up a motorcycle, build your own furniture, or have other interests outside of work. You are experienced in problem solving, creative design, thinking fast, eating interesting food (we are in Parkdale!). You are a passionate person, you’re enthusiastic, and like working as a team towards a common goal. You listen before speaking, and there is a glint in your eye when you describe your work and skills. You are energized by taking on new challenges and launching into unfamiliar territory.

You must be proficient using Altium within a team environment. If you can’t design a complex high-density circuit board with minimal input and supervision, please don’t apply. You must know how to take a set of functional requirements, design a circuit around these requirements, then do the detailed component selection and bench testing to get a design up and running. Surface-mount circuit debugging experience is a must.

This is a leadership position – we are looking for someone with experience leading a team or has demonstrated other leadership skills within a team environment!

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