Embedded System Engineer

Summary of Functions

The Embedded Systems Engineer’s mission within Cortex is to demonstrate excellence in producing top quality engineered products by maintaining and growing a competency in designing and producing embedded circuit board designs that are provided to Cortex’s clients.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide accurate time estimates to the sales team during the quoting process on the duration required to complete design work
  • Interacting with design and engineering staff to ensure functional requirements of embedded systems are met and match the human-centred goals of the product
  • Schematic Design of embedded systems that meet functional objectives and cost constraints as per the quote for client projects
  • Creation of PCB layouts based linked to the schematics designed
  • Verification of those designs with the industrial design and mechanical engineering department to ensure mechanical, thermal, functional, and regulatory requirements are met prior to production
  • Creation and maintenance of output files required for manufacturing PCBs including BOMs, Gerbers, and mechanical files
  • Ability to negotiate pricing and provide manufacturing feedback to PCB, PCBA vendors both during the prototyping and production phases
  • Maintaining and storing design files according to our internal record-keeping methods and naming conventions
  • Being proactive in improving internal practices and processes
  • Setting up and advocating for organizing the electronics “lab”, customer materials, tools, and equipment including software licenses and machine purchase recommendations
  • Assist in managing long-term relationships with clients

Core Competencies

Minimum Competencies

  • Experience working within a team or other environment
  • Project management experience
  • Ability to design complex high-density SMT-based circuit boards with challenging packaging requirements with minimal input and supervision
  • Must know how to take a set of functional requirements, hen do the detailed component selection and design a circuit around these components that meet documented requirements
  • Proficiency using Altium or another suitable EDA system within a team environment
  • Surface-mount soldering and assembly skills
  • Bench testing and circuit debugging
  • Experience in designing microcontroller-based systems, battery charging circuits, low-power systems, watchdog timers, embedded wifi/Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE

Preferred Competencies

  • Mixed-signal systems, FPGAs, low-power data acquisition, micro-amp systems, wearable biosensing (EEG, ECG, SPO2)
  • Ability to write firmware in C or similar languages for testing the embedded systems that are designed
  • Ability to port algorithms from Matlab to embedded C
  • Android/IOS/PC/MacOSx hardware/SW integration
  • Motion control experience
  • Stepper motor or servo motor experience
  • Proficiency with 32/16 bit systems
  • Development of customized embedded camera systems
  • High-speed machine vision applications
  • Knowledge of quality & safety standards and systems and how to comply with them, such as; IEC-60601-1, ISO13485, ISO9001, UL, CSA, FCC, CE

Organizational Relationships

  • Reports to the Director of Embedded Systems
  • Works alongside the other department staff on common project goals

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