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Webinar: Product Success from Patent to Sales

Sam White
Sam White June 15, 2020 • 0 min read

Product Success from Patent to Sales was a huge success! We were thrilled at the turnout and the variety of expertise on display.

Thanks to everyone who attended! Read on to learn more about the event, and view the full videos of speakers’ contributions.

About the event: 

The COVID-19 pandemic has mobilized the local design community to develop products to respond to the health crisis. However, many of these efforts have been frustrated by lack of experience in the process of identifying, designing, and producing these products in a way that fits human-centered needs — as well as the regulatory and trade constraints of a successful product launch.

That’s why we brought together an all-star lineup of experts from Canada’s thriving engineering and manufacturing community to offer their insights about how engineers, designers and entrepreneurs can:

  • Navigate the patent process
  • Incorporate ethnography and deep empathy with users into product design
  • Use virtual simulation to lower risk and cost
  • Develop supply chain strategy and manufacture at scale
  • Overcome obstacles in regulatory compliance, testing and certification

… and more.

Through impactful case studies, the presenters showed how to navigate today’s complex product launch challenges with Canadian resources and Canadian expertise. We hope that by bringing together such a diverse cohort of experts, we equipped attendees with some vital information about how to break down silos in their organizations and launch exceptional products.

We’ve turned this page into an informative resource so that anyone can view the complete sessions — whether you attended or not.

If you missed the webinar, sign up below to view the full videos from the event. You will receive the password on the confirmation screen. Enter it on the embedded videos to view the sessions.

We’ve broken down the videos into individual presentations. Feel free to pick and choose, or watch in order. We hope you enjoy!


Introduction to Intellectual Property

  • Philippe Boivin – Vice President, Corporate Affairs, INO

Philippe Boivin has been INO’s Vice-President, Corporate Affairs since December 2009. Responsible for legal affairs, he is also in charge of the protection and management of intellectual property and technology transfer negotiations as well as the communication department. In this session, Philippe breaks down the fundamentals of intellectual property and the patent process.  What’s the difference between a patent and a trade secret? What are the main factors you need to consider to protect your IP as part of the product design process? Philippe answers these questions and more, providing you with a toolkit for IP protection.

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Delivering Bold Epic Innovation in Healthcare

  • Dylan Horvath – President of Cortex Design Inc.

In 2017 Cortex’s work for Cloud DX beat 330 international competitors to win one of the biggest moon-shot healthcare projects ever, the Qualcomm Tricorder “Bold Epic Innovator” XPRIZE. In this webinar, Dylan describes the 3 principles used to guide the team to success and how those principles were employed during the lead up to the winning entry.

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Examples of Applied Product Design in Optical and Photonic Instruments

  • Dr. Suzie Dufour – Solutions Manager, INO

Suzie Dufour is a solutions manager at the National Optics Institute (INO) in Quebec, Canada, seeking for BioMedTech challenges to tackle. She has a wealth of expertise in biophotonics, imaging, neuroscience, med devices system engineering and more. In her talk, Dr. Dufour digs into INO’s capabilities and process, showing some case studies of impactful projects including: using light to activate retinal implants for visually impaired patients, a versatile probe to adapt Raman Spectroscopy to various applications, and how INO miniaturized a flow cytometry device for testing aboard the International Space Station!

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Autodesk Technology Center Residency Program

  • Ellen Hlozan, Community Manager at Autodesk Technology Centers

Ellen Hlozan is a Community Manager for Autodesk’s Global Technology Centers. She co-launched the Toronto site and residency program, where she is currently based, focusing on developing innovative programming with residents, researchers, and broader innovation communities. She outlines the Autodesk Technology Centers’ mission and capabilities, with case studies to highlight some of the most revolutionary products that have come out of Autodesk’s programs. 

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The Science of Practical Topology Optimization (Manufacturing considerations – COVID19 3D printed Ventilator)

  • Dr. Ahmad Barari, Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Ontario Tech)

Dr. Ahmad Barari is the Associate Professor in Department of Automotive, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Ontario Tech University, and an adjunct professor at Western University. Dr. Barari has been primarily involved in engineering design and advanced manufacturing technologies for over 25 years. In this talk, Dr. Barari digs into how topology optimization can be used for advanced manufacturing  offering a case study for how to marshal digitized product design to aid with the COVID-19 crisis through a 3D printed Mechanical Ventilator.

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Leveraging Generative Design

  • Tyson Fogel, Shop Supervisor at Autodesk Technology Centre, Toronto

As an avid maker and sustainability advocate, Tyson works directly with residents, innovation communities and researchers to provide technical expertise and consultation in the areas of additive, subtractive manufacturing, traditional fabrication and robotics. Recently, his work has led to an emphasis on generative design-to-make workflows and their application in emerging technologies. In this session, Tyson breaks down how to use generative design to accelerate your product design process — and develop products with better manufacturability and improved performance.

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Bringing a Device to Market: Testing and Certification

  • Peter Keith P.Eng., Senior Engineer and Technical Certifier at TÜV SÜD Canada

Peter is the lead product safety engineer at TÜV SÜD Canada with 10+ years of safety evaluation and regulatory experience, specializing in safety certification of medical, IT and laboratory equipment such as therapeutic lights, networking equipment, Lasers and more. In this session, Peter provides a comprehensive intro to testing and certification considerations in North America and Europe. He offers advice for how to incorporate compliance into your product design process at an early stage — and busts some of the most common myths about testing and certification.

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Smart and Affordable Manufacturing

  • Dr. Mira Ray – Director, Research and Innovation, Georgian College

Dr. Ray joined Georgian College in 2014 to assist with key strategic initiatives, including a strategy to increase degree delivery in Simcoe County and surrounding regions. In her current role as Director, Research and Innovation, Dr. Ray is responsible for the co-ordination of all research, scholarship and innovation activities at Georgian College. Through some awesome case studies, Dr. Ray outlines the immense opportunities in the college system, and shows how they use industry partnerships to accelerate product design and smart manufacturing in Ontario.

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IEEE Toronto Programs and Industry Workshops

  • Dr. Maryam Davoudpour – Chair of IEEE Toronto Robotics Automation and Vice chair of WIE IEEE Canada

Dr. Maryam Davoudpour is the chair of the IEEE Instrumentation, Measurement, Robotics and Automation chapter in Toronto and she is the Chair of Women in Engineering (WIE) at IEEE Toronto, as well as the vice chair of WIE IEEE Canada and the WIE representative for Central Canada. In this brief talk, Dr. Davoudpour outlines IEEE Toronto’s mission and current initiatives. She also previews some upcoming IEEE industry workshops in robotics, machine learning, and entrepreneurship — as well as her upcoming Webinar on autonomous systems with Cortex!

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Design for Regulatory Compliance

  • Garry Lee – Director of EMTS Lab

Garry Lee, P.Eng. is an ACCE Entrepreneur and Director of EMTS Lab, previous President at Global EMC (TUV SUD Canada) with 25 years of test and regulatory certification including UL and CSA. Too often, companies open themselves up to risk by treating compliance as an afterthought. Garry offers his guide for how to incorporate regulatory compliance in all stages of the product design process — a strategy to mitigate this risk, lower development costs and bring products to market faster.

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About Cortex Design

Cortex Design is a turnkey product design company working to develop human-centred products that improve people’s lives. We visualize human experiences, design the products that support those experiences, and manufacture the solution.  

About INO

INO is the largest centre of expertise in optics and photonics in Canada. For the past 30 years, it has created and developed customized solutions to meet the needs of companies working in various lines of business throughout Canada and beyond. As a high-tech leader, INO has implemented more than 6,500 solutions, carried out 74 technology transfers, and contributed to the creation of 35 new companies, providing employment to more than 2,000 people. In the biomedtech field, INO has more than 20 years of experience in developing and supporting clients in commercializing biomedical technologies.

About TÜV SÜD Canada Inc.

TÜV SÜD Canada offers a full suite of management system services, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100, ISO 13485, ESD S20.20, OHSAS 18001, Food Services and ISO/IEC 27001 auditing services. TÜV SÜD Canada provides technical services in the following market segments: Industry, Products, and Transportation. Its service portfolio includes consultancy, verification, tests, expert opinions, certification, and training, addressing the issues of technical reliability, safety, quality, environmental protection, training, and effectiveness. For more information, please visit

About EMTS Lab Inc.

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) based environmental testing lab, serving the US & Canada, specializing in Degrees of Ingress Protection (IPXX), Corrosion, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration & Shock Testing. EMTS Lab Inc. is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited engineering firm offering independent compliance services for clients across The United States (USA) & Canada. We are a company that provides dynamic and technically diverse independent testing for Automotive, Military, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial & Consumer Electronics industries, meeting the IEC, NEMA, ASTM and MIL standards.

About IEEE Robotics and Automation

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society is a professional society of the IEEE that supports the development and the exchange of scientific knowledge in the fields of robotics and automation, including applied and theoretical issues.

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