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From Idea to Prototype: Cortex Podcast Feature!

Dylan Horvath
Dylan Horvath August 09, 2016 • 0 min read

There are a lot of great ideas out there in the minds of people who don’t know how to get them up and running. Many creators turn to crowdfunding but truth is, there is a lot of work needed before a successful campaign can be pulled off.

In most cases, it would be better for the project creator to launch a campaign once they have a working prototype, and a good idea of the costs associated with manufacturing and fulfilment..  A working prototype should be the first of your goals. This is an animated discussion which shows Dylan’s passion for engineering, design, and getting a product through the whole design process from research and visualization to prototyping, manufacturing and logistics.

51 – From Idea to Prototype: A Behind the Scenes Look at Manufacturing, Fulfilment, and Pricing | feat. Dylan Horvath

We discuss why it’s important and what you can do to get the product funded, product certifications, off-shore manufacturing, and long term relationships with your fulfillment partners.

Dylan has had a life long love affair with engineering and how things work and he has leveraged it into an engineering design firm which provides solutions for startups. If you have a product you want crowdfunded, but is still in its infancy stage, this podcast will help clear up what you need to do next.

“You have a whole lot of risk, especially with your timeline when you’re right at the beginning. As you try to mitigate risk as you go along, if that risk mitigation is under the watchful eye of 2,000 people on the crowd funding campaign, it could be a difficult place to operate from.”

Dylan carefully outlines the steps to get an idea moving with a prototype, then on to manufacturing and distribution.

Looking to evaluate when and how you should make use of prototyping? Check out our cautionary post about the dangers of relying too heavily on 3D printing during your design process.

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