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Cortex Client Jamstack Now in Production

Sam White
Sam White October 10, 2018 • 0 min read

One of Cortex Design’s recent projects is making moves with a big announcement: Jamstack, the world’s first attachable guitar amplifier, is now in production. They’ve released this video that shows off the device in action to celebrate:

Jamstack offers a new level of freedom for shredders, buskers, and anyone who’s ever wanted to unshackle their electric guitar from patch cords. It’s a full-featured amplifier that clips right onto any electric guitar to offer sound quality and effects. Through smartphone integration, that more than hold up compared to conventional amps. Jamstack sounds great at any volume, and it’s small enough to fit in a gig bag.

It’s a gamechanger, and we’re thrilled to be involved.

When Founder and CEO Chris Prendergast first reached out to Cortex Design, the world’s first attachable guitar amplifier was a great idea with a cardboard prototype. Cortex provided industrial design services to produce a working prototype that Jamstack used to raise capital. After the project was fully funded, we went back to work, bringing Jamstack through full production design, production engineering and manufacturing.

As we worked on the design for this project, we confronted some challenges: we had to design a mounting system for the device that would attach to any guitar intuitively, simply and securely. We also had to design an ambidextrous smartphone mount that would work on both the left or right hand side of the guitar — important to many players, including Dylan, our left-handed President.

Those efforts are now coming to fruition as the device ramps up production.

Jamstack attaches to any electric guitar with minimal setup time, works with both IOS and Android smartphones, and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker to boot.

Cortex staff recently accompanied Chris on a trip to China to oversee production as the device gets ready for market. Check out this video Chris shot of the assembly line in action:

Looking good.

Want to learn more about our journey with Jamstack? Check out our Case Study.

Jamstack is available now at jamstack.io.

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