VITALITI Health Monitoring System
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VITALITI Health Monitoring System


The world’s most advanced diagnostics tool, designed to revolutionize healthcare.

The VITALITI Health Monitoring System is a top-7 finalist in the prestigious $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, and part of a growing movement to place valuable health metrics at the fingertips of the consumer. Cloud DX has been awarded second place at the 2015 Interface Health Challenge and was named 2015 Ontario Startup of the Year for Innovation.

The Dire State of American Healthcare



The health care system is already stressed and is poised to be completely overwhelmed by the aging population in the next decade. With the right technology, seniors in fair health could remain independent and out of long-term care facilities for years longer than they are currently.


Current monitoring technologies are expensive, inaccessible and cumbersome, making them impossible to deploy on any scale. The XPRIZE challenged the international community to develop groundbreaking technologies that would better monitor chronic diseases and identify conditions early, providing a real screening tool for 15 serious to life threatening conditions at a lower cost than ever before.


To Boldly Go Where Healthcare Has Never Gone Before

Cloud DX manufactures Pulsewave, a Health Canada and FDA-approved cloud-connected blood pressure monitor. They had proposed technologies for the XPRIZE competition that could monitor all five vital signs and detect chronic health conditions but lacked a roadmap for bringing these technologies together into a single device.


The device had to be passive and non-intrusive, monitoring blood pressure, ECG, oxygen level, core body temperature and respiration in a simple, seamless and completely user-friendly way. The device needed to continuously monitor all five vital signs and log that data to a cloud server, and diagnose 15 chronic health conditions without needing a doctor’s oversight.

Wearable and Doctor-Free. We mapped out a wearable device by studying the contact points of the body that could collect FDA-approved vital sign metrics. From there, we sculpted something beautiful and friendly that could be worn under your clothing, quietly sending critical information to an expert system on your smartphone.

The world-class judging team at the XPRIZE foundation validated our design by selecting us as one of 7 finalists out of 330 initial entrants worldwide, placing us alongside international industry leaders. In June 2015, we will submit 50 functioning devices to the XPRIZE foundation for user testing and subsequently focus our efforts on commercialization of the Vitaliti wearable.