Versus Gametime Scoreboard
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Versus Gametime Scoreboard

Encouraging active lifestyles by bringing the stadium to the user. The Gametime Scoreboard is the first product of its kind to combine music and gameplay into one device targeted at the consumer market.

Expanding on the original idea

Before approaching Cortex, the client had intended on simply combining a scoreboard and MP3 player in the same enclosure. But after delving into the user experience and target market, we saw the potential to develop one integrated device rather than two separate devices in the same box. We introduced a removable sound-effects card capable of storing more than 20 authentic sports sounds, including cheering and booing. Sound effects became the ‘glue’ for the product, resulting in a more immersive experience for the user.

Designing for tough environments

Ethnographic research fueled the design of the Gametime Scoreboard. We had to understand all the ways people might use the product and anticipate worst-case scenarios. The MP3 player space is recessed to protect it during active game play. The audio control panel, including LCD display and an intuitive user interface, is protected by the folding handle. A bumper surrounds the face and protects the LEDs if it is knocked over.

We also integrated a pocket-sized remote control that works from up to 200 feet away and communicates with the device through walls. An included microphone allows the user to take the role of announcer while watching from the sidelines.