Universal Network Cable
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Universal Network Cable

A five-in-one cable that reduces clutter and looks good doing it. The Universal Network Cable finally solves the annoying and unattractive problem of cable clutter, which had yet to be addressed in the marketplace.

From napkin to store shelves


The client, a network specialist, approached Cortex with a brilliantly simple idea, but one that required considerable expertise in prototyping and product design to get it off the ground. By incorporating a box and a switch, it would be possible to combine five different wiring standards into a single cable. The product would simplify the debugging process for network professionals, while eliminating unsightly tangles of cables.


Cortex was asked to develop the idea with user friendliness and visual appeal in mind. After producing three prototypes, each with a rotating collar in place of a slide switch, Cortex evaluated them closely and solicited market feedback to make further refinements. With a simple twist of the labeled collar, the user can switch between crossover, rolled, straight-through, ATM/loopback and T1 wiring standards.


Turnkey solution


In addition to concept generation and prototyping, Cortex was also responsible for PCB fabrication, board population, offshore manufacturing sourcing, contract assembly, website design, and sales and marketing. This turnkey approach significantly sped up the launch of the Universal Network Cable, which is being stocked in big-box stores across the U.S. and Canada, as well as online stores.


The device's simplicity and creative appeal have helped turn the client`s original idea into a marketable commodity with wide appeal.

"...Cortex Design was exactly what I needed to take my idea from a humble rendering on a napkin to the shelves of major distributors."
-Geoffrey Bilder, Founder
Universal Network Cable