Triomi Bluetooth ECG
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Triomi Bluetooth ECG

Form and functionality converge to deliver affordable take-anywhere healthcare. Triomi Medical Innovations teamed with Cortex with the goal of reducing the cost and complexity and thereby increasing global availability of 12-lead ECG data. The result is a robust but unobtrusive device that collects, stores and transmits 12-lead electrocardiographic (ECG) data for a global market.


Triomi, a Toronto-based start-up, strives to disrupt the delivery of healthcare worldwide by making it more accessible and cost-effective. Recognizing the value of 12-lead electrocardiographic (ECG) data in providing critical care diagnostics, the company approached Cortex to help mold its idea into a viable product.

Identifying a niche

Although products similar in concept already existed, there was always an element of compromise. They had yet to solve the problem of integrating lots of wires and other electrical components into a physical framework that would be affordable, intuitive and durable.


Cortex set out to build something that embodied the best of both worlds—something powerful but affordable. Most of all, it had to solve a real problem. The Triomi LED ECG had to make life easier for its users, particularly those in critical care, going into surgery or monitoring their heart’s reaction to certain medication or other stimuli.

Designing a viable solution

Most 12-lead ECG systems are designed without consideration for the way the device is stored. Where do all those wires go? This was the starting point for the design; an enclosure that recognizes the use-case of having to conveniently wrap those cables up when not in use, but deploy them rapidly when needed.