Matter and Form 3D Scanner
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Matter and Form 3D Scanner



The world's first truly affordable 3D imaging device. Matter and Form makes your ideas a reality and fast tracks the design process with high-quality 3D scans.



Justifying another dimension

Up to this point, the world had not seen an affordable, easy-to-use product capable of transforming real-life objects into three-dimensional files. The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is a game-changing product: accessible to the average consumer – maker, hobbyist, DIY aficionado, anyone.The potential applications were promising – print, video games and animation, to name a few. But other 3D scanners were bulky, slow, expensive and far from user-friendly. Matter and Form would change all that.


The idea behind the Matter and Form 3D Scanner is simple; a moveable head with dual lasers and HD camera scan the physical object, which rotates 360° on an attached platform. The scanned impression is transferred directly into digital format and stored on the user's computer. The challenge comes in making it just that simple for the user.

Keeping costs down

Matter and Form's approach to achieving an affordable precision scanner was to put the complexity into the software. Rather than requiring expensive, high-precision machined mechanical components, we were able to relax the manufacturing constraints to those used for typical consumer products. Cortex and Matter and Form worked closely together to achieve this goal. The result is the world's first affordable, high-performance 3D scanner.

The Matter and Form 3D scanner smashed its $81,000 Indiegogo goal, earning a total $471,082 in 35 days.