Keek Cam
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Keek Cam

Creating social media video in sync with the way people interact. The Keek Cam, an unobtrusive social media camera, integrates easily with the user’s clothing and lifestyle to capture all of life’s unexpected moments.


Social media has both changed and been changed by human interaction. With Keek Cam, the goal was not to change anything, but to design a product that would integrate seamlessly into everyday life. We began by considering the character of natural human interaction, highlighting concepts like spontaneity, intuitiveness and participation, which would ultimately fuel design.How do record a social interaction without changing it?


How do you keep your friend's heads up and off their screens while posting social video? How do you make the content more compelling than a series of thousands upon thousands of selfies?

Privacy concerns


It didn’t take research for us to understand that privacy is a growing concern in society. In this case, we thought about not only the user, but about people collectively. A camera that became invisible—or nearly invisible—could be perceived as an invasion of privacy if it was discovered.


The solution came in the form of a discreet, lightweight design that clips onto the user’s clothing. Inconspicuous enough to wear comfortably, but not secretive enough to arouse suspicion.


Super-simple UI


The form is based on a dead-simple user interaction; if the camera is open, it is on and recording. If it is closed, it is turned off. If you snap the shutter closed, it uploads the preceding 36 seconds of video to the Keek smartphone app, or at the user's wishes, directly to their social video feed. That's it. Training over.