Karie Personal Medication Dispenser
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Karie Personal Medication Dispenser


Karie makes medication simple.

Karie is a medication dispensing system that manages and monitors the daily medication schedule of you and your loved ones. Karie dispenses common multi-dose pouch packages that are organized by your pharmacist and delivered directly to your door in a pre-packaged cartridge. Once loaded into the device Karie creates a medication schedule and alerts you when it’s time to take your next pill. If a dose is missed, Karie can notify you or your caregiver via mobile device.

Identifying the problem. 

As we get older our medications list gets longer. Medication schedules are tedious to manage and ensuring the correct pills are taken at the correct times becomes increasingly difficult.

Minimal interaction, maximum performance.

We believe great products begin with empathy with the user. There is tremendous demand for an effective consumer product that features the simplest, most reduced interaction possible. Just load the cartridge, wait for a dosage notification, and press a single button to dispense.

Creating an experience.

Karie organizes and delivers your medication, creates a customized schedule to remind you of upcoming doses, and monitors your usage, alerting a caregiver upon any missed dose. Whether you have forgotten, run out of, or plan to be away from your medication, Karie will take care of your medication dispensing and tracking.

Driving the design process.  

Cortex conducted ethnographic research to understand the users and their ideal experience of working with a medication dispensing system. Simple interactions were identified, which were then explored further with sketches, paper mockups and photorealistic renders. After identifying key features and form development, Cortex provided functional prototypes for hands on testing. We produced iterations of working bench-top models, look-like models, and final working prototypes. These functional prototypes are used in user trials to validate the design approach. Once validated, Cortex produces manufacturing specifications and works with our vendor network to bring the Karie to market, Q2 2018.

Great design leads to $2M accredited investment 

Our product design helped Ace-Age to secure a $2M strategic investment from Centric Health to fund the commercialization of the Karie Medication Dispensing System. Read the press release here


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