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The first market ready, affordable and truly handheld 360° spherical imaging camera. Slightly larger than a baseball, Bubl captures 100% of the spherical range. The Bublcam captures all imagery surrounding the camera through panoramic photos and videos. There is no subject, no director’s frame. This means total viewing freedom.

bublcam takes the viewer to the scene

At the start of the project, the only available spherical imaging cameras were much too expensive and complex for consumer use. These cameras could only be used for projects with a big budget, like automated land surveying, image-mapping like Google Streetview, or specialized scientific applications. Many of the hardware solutions had already been patented as well. But no one had yet patented a four-camera solution. Cortex began with these constraints: design an affordable, four-lens solution with flawless imaging for the consumer market. In addition to accommodating a long list of hardware and software requirements, it needed a strong visual language that suggested simplicity, precision, and durability to catch the eye of investors and consumers.

Capturing your life in a bubl.

If the images are spherical, shouldn't the camera be spherical too? Without initial regard for what was practical or possible, Cortex illustrated the look and feel of the device with early sketches, renders, and prototype models. Expressing design intent before worrying about practical engineering considerations is an important part of the process; this allows us to visualize what we want before being constrained by what we know how to do.

Designing from the outside in.

The biggest challenge with this project was getting four lenses inside the camera with all of the required electronics and the shape we’d initially designed.



We initially explored placing the circuit boards closer to what the “faces” of the sphere would be, just underneath the enclosure panels.


This proved technically difficult to pull off, as the individual boards did not offer very much surface area for placing components. We made a small sacrifice, increasing the diameter of the camera by 5mm, which afforded us just enough space to stack two larger PCBs centrally in the interior of the enclosure. 


Bublcam’s lightweight but sturdy construction – featuring a series of aluminum die cast rings for structural integrity – enables the user to take it anywhere and capture everything.

$100,000 On Kickstarter —In less than 13 hours

As a testament to the product’s outrageous success, Bublcam's launch on Kickstarter surpassed their fundraising goal in less than 13 hours. By the time their campaign was complete, they had raised over $346K to fund their company and proven the market viability of their product.


In September 2015, Bubl announced closing a significant financing round of $4.6 million led by J-Tech Capital and Samsung Ventures to further finance their future production and development.