Visualization is not drawing a pretty picture, or creating a "sexy" enclosure. It is writing the story of a great experience with a product that does not yet exist.


 This is the "what if?" part of the design process; the one where we get to imagine and visualize a better future. During ideation sessions our entire studio convenes to generate as many wild ideas as possible. Our mandate for these sessions: Pay no mind to the limits of what's considered possible or practical. Conjure as though real-world constraints do not apply. Treat the concept's development as if it could actually become anything you think up. We have seen that it's the crazy, implausible ideas that actually lead to innovative designs. The humourous, the delightful, the unexpected. And that's what will take your product to the next level.

Next we put pen to paper and begin sketching out these initial ideas, playing with various form-factors and cues, textures, materials and components through refined and precise sketching. During our sketch sessions a slew of ideas can be quickly fleshed out without the burden that CAD places on the mental process of concept iteration. A solution begins to emerge and the team rallies around a few different iterations of a concept which are presented to you for feedback.

Visualization Deliverables
  • Idea generation
  • Concept development
  • Refined/precise sketching
  • Detailed colour renderings
  • Marketing and branding support