"Mistakes are the portals of discovery."

-James Joyce


The fact is, designers often have to miss the mark a few times before they hit it out of the park. The best industrial designs are often the result of fearless iteration, not divine inspiration.

Visualization solidifies concept direction and desired form factor, but there is no substitute for a tangible prototype that you can hold and test. With a firm concept on the drawing board our team dives right into prototyping the design.

Prototyping can include simple low-resolution paper and cardboard prototypes that we whip up on the spot, all the way through to complex high-resolution functional parts printed on our in-house 3D printer. And - no, it's not a Makerbot. We use the real deal here; professional polyjet printers that can print complex fine-geometry models with support material in as little as 1/2 hr and usually no longer than overnight.  

When it comes time to show something to investors or customers, there is no substitute for subtractive prototyping; cut from solid material using CNC machines, these models can be fully painted, silk-screened with logos and artwork, and made out of the final production materials. They are often indistinguishable from a final tooled part.

Prototyping Deliverables
  • Rapid prototyping & CNC modeling
  • Functional working prototypes
  • Appearance modeling
  • Mechanical verification