"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design."

-Charles Eames


This is the engineering side of the "art + engineering = product design" equation. While the prototype establishes what we intend to produce, it is the manufacturability of that product that will ultimately determine whether it will become commercially viable. Simply assembling something is not enough – we analyse and optimize the product to set up the most efficient, cost-effective manufacturing process.

Production design is an intensive process whereby we introduce the manufacturing constraints into the 3D CAD geometry. This is done with a high-level of communication with the chosen manufacturing partners for the product, and results not only in 3D production-grade CAD data, but also a complete 2D drawing package for the staff on the production floor to follow. These drawings are matched to the production process, whether using injection-molded plastics, stamped metal, extrusions, laser-cut material, castings, or CNC cut metal or plastic. By meticulously rendering every detail and delivering production-ready geometry, we speed up turnaround of parts for evaluation and final refinement.

Engineering Deliverables
  • Vendor identification and liason
  • Recommended manufacturing tools and processes
  • Initial materials and colour selection
  • Production-ready 3D data 2D drawing package
  • Production quotes
  • Patent application support